Our Services

We offer the highest level of ship management under the instructions and supervisions of our experienced marine and technical superintendents. We have earned the solid trust on our new crew recruiting, exercise and service from ship owners and the consumers related around the world with our long years experience.

1) Crew Management

Santoku Senpaku has satisfied more than 100 vessels from 30 ship owners with our long years experience.

“Santoku Triangle System”to be a leader of crew recruiting
・To recruit proper crews for needs
・To educate and grade-up crew accurately through overseas local crewing agents
・To manage total crew control
We also have assigned representative at Orophil Shipping International in the Philippines, the local crewing agent which has relationship with us to instruct/educate directly their staff and crew on Japanese practice and culture. We make an effort to keep in close contact with them over the crewing management to secure and provide best crew. Moreover Orophil Shipping has obtained ISO9001:2000(Quality Management System) as they can conduct crew business much more efficiency along its system.

Pre-joining briefings and re-training/exercise based on SMS manual are held to penetrate into our crew at overseas local crewing agents as well as Santoku Shipping.

Overseas crewing agents:

Philippines Orophil Shipping International Co., Inc. 
Fair Shipping Corporation
Myanmar Miraco Marine Services Pte., Ltd.
JSM International Ltd.
China Sino Star Marine Services Pte., Ltd.
Korea Dae Ah Shipping Co., Ltd.
Dongjin Marine Co., Ltd.

As a part of strengthening efforts to secure and provide crew, Santoku Senpaku has began employing Myanmarese in 2002 and Chinese in 2003 in addition to Japanese, Koreans and Filipinos. Moreover, we helped to fund the VMA Global College 4-year merchant marine college in Bacolod city, Philippines as a corporate social contribution. A number of graduates are highly skilled every year as a prestigious maritime school of the Philippines.

We also work to upgrade training and educational environment, for example, by setting up a training center adjacent to the VMA for training in skills and knowledge based on international rules.


2) Marine Department

We observe SMS manual(Safety Management System manual) complied with ISM code(International Safety Management code) to be ensuring the safety management policy: (a)Safety of human life at sea (b)Safe operation of ships (c)Environmental protection.
Every ship has been operated in accordance with the international rules through an internal and external audit, security control under ISPS(International Ship & Port facility Security code) and corrective action to PSC(Port State Control). Moreover marine superintendents notify each Captain of rules and regulations based on international laws, port information, pirate information, the latest weather report and other essential data for ship’s operation to ensure the compliance. Marine superintendents advise crew to deal with the matter as to technical issues as well.

In order to maintain excellent ship’s marine and technical management, we will do our best endeavor to willingly educate and train young and fresh staffs to excellent superintendents through onboard job training.

3) Technical Department

Experienced technical superintendents provide the instructions in technologies and supervision on ship and engine maintenance. Santoku Senpaku has built an impressive track record of dockyard repairs using a network of top-level dockyards around the world and has earned the solid trust of ship owners and related organizations when it comes to careful management of ship maintenance. Moreover, in order to respond promptly and solve ship emergency cases, we have built a strong support system by cooperating with shipbuilding and dockyard, equipment manufactures and other organizations around the world on a daily basis. We promptly supply ship’s spare parts, stores and lubricating oils essential to each ship and manage the work to ensure everything proceeds smoothly.